Wrap it-pad

Did you Know!

For us, the freedom is to be able to do what we want and whenever we want it. We appreciate ease, cleanliness and comfort, which helps us extract most of this wonderful feeling, and sometimes we need help.

For example, when you need to change a pad while hiking, at work or at parties – you can find yourself without a proper trash can. What would you do?

Our solution is simple. Wrap it – is a practical bag for hygiene products. It seals the pad with an environmentally friendly disposable bag. Our task is to change personal hygiene into a simple and safe experience. It’s easy to use, discreetly and gives you the freedom of cleanliness and ease of use. These bags are designed to make it safer and easier for women.

It’s time to say goodbye to the stress and fuss that the disposal of the products can cause and say hello to our product. Remember that small actions can change the world. By changing some of your common habits to more environmentally friendly, you can make a difference.

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, a pack size does not fit for everyone. Zonai knows this and therefore we have developed more user-friendly pack sizes.

Wrap it bags will be able to free up women more by supporting requirements that rely on the situation. She can make the best choice for herself.

For travel – 1 pad package

For hiking – 2 pads package

For use in home and work – 4 pads package

Economy package – 8 pads package