Our story

WRAP IT easy, clean & comfortable

Wrap it – is a convenient bag for hygiene products. It seals away the pad with an Eco-friendly disposable bag. This product does not contain any ingredients classified as hazardous. 

Our mission is to turn awkward disposal into a safe experience. It’s easy to use, discreet and gives you the liberty of cleanliness and ease. These bags are designed to make it easier for women to bin.

My name is Naima. Yes, it is me on the last slide of the film. I created Wrap it out of necessity – I live in Norway, and with my friends we often travel to the cabin for a break. It is so good to know, that I feel no discomfort and that I easily can take care of my hygienic waste.

When I go to a Social event, I can fully enjoy the whole evening and crash at a friend’s place if I am too tired to go back home. I appreciate this feeling of freedom, easiness and comfort when I have my Wrap it with me.

I can travel without being worried about my hygiene, because my Wrap it makes it easy to keep my hands clean.

That´s why we have invented Wrap it. The result is a custom, beautiful and functional addition to any hygienic product, that let me feel clean and comfortable easily.