”No waste” in Sofienbergparken

«Walk like we talk»

With the «no waste» campaign we in Zonai wanted to get closer to each other as colleagues, become better acquainted with our customers and contribute to vulnerable areas in Oslo. The wish to implement this compaign came to us organically – we feel that parks in Oslo needs it.

We are concerned that we «walk like we talk». The philosophy of our company is to provide training and inspiration on how to take care of each other and the environment, as well as giving women a better choice for disposing menstrual pads, discreet and environmentally friendly.

Our experience of the action was better than we could ever imagine. People in the park and parents of children we engaged had time to talk with us, gave us the opportunity to take pictures and praised our actions. Our little heroes, the children, showed openness, and involvement, and threw themselves at the pickup tasks with curiosity about what might be found on the grass in the park that does not belong there.

After we already had set up the date of our «No Waste» action on Friday, I learned about a new trend called Plogging: Running and picking waste. It turns out that is has become a movement in Norway, and most of it takes place in the north. In the noise from too much work, to do’s and plans, this trend has gone past me. Maybe its something we will conduct in the future.

Thanks for parking:-)